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When you turn on Oregon Inlet Road, hang a left just after the median. Continue South and then hang a right at the fuel dock. The Fishing Center Building will be on your right hand side. Our slip is just past the building, but on the opposite side of the parking lot. You can park left or right of the parking lot. If you’re standing on the steps of the Fishing Center, our boat is about 1-2 o’clock. We’ll be sitting proud within slip #12.

The physical address to the fishing center is:

8770 Oregon Inlet Road, Nags Head – NC 27959

Some mapping programs will find us:

98 NC Highway 12 South, Nags Head – NC 27959

We supply all of your fishing equipment and licenses.  Just basically take what you would bring to the beach.  Food, Beverages, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Cooler, Medications/Motion Sickness, Tip for the Mate.

The type and quantity of fish caught will depend upon the type of charter, time of year, weather and sea conditions. While there are no guarantees on type and number of fish, our Captains do their best to maximize your time on the water. The table below will give you an idea of what is traditionally caught throughout the year.

Seasonality Chart


Peak Months

Activity Range


Blue Marlin

June – September

March – November

The Atlantic Ocean’s premier gamefish. Many are caught each year in excess of 700 pounds.

White Marlin

July – October

March – November

These acrobatic marlin are caught frequently off our coast with multiple hookups occuring often.


May – October

March – November

This spectacular billfish is highly prized as a mount. Mounts can be obtained without killing the fish.

Yellowfin Tuna

September – May


These hard fighters are excellent table fare and are a year-round resident of our waters.


June – September

March – November

One of the most beautiful of all gamefish and delicious with a firm, white, flaky meat.


June – September

March – November

These speedy gamefish grow to great sizes off our coast and are excellent when grilled.

Please don’t blame Mick for a bad day of fishing. That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching. Mick works incredibly hard each season before the first charter steps on the boat. He spends a lot of time maintaining the tackle and preparing for each fishing season. 15% gratuity is appreciated, but if you feel that Mick went the extra mile, 20% gratuity would mean a lot to him.

Our For-Hire Permit is licensed for 6 passengers. If you don’t have a group that big, you’re welcome to take advantage of our “Makeup Trips”. A makeup group is put together by us or the fishing center and allows you to partner up with other small groups to split the costs.

No. Our vessel is equipped with a “6-Pack” blanket license that covers charters up to 6 passengers. We also have appropriate permits that allow you to keep the fish you catch. Of course, we follow all local/state/federal guidelines for catching limits and sizes.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Center has a full-service fish cleaning crew. We leave the dock early, so we can get in early. This allows you to beat the crowd to the fish cleaner and avoid a long wait. The fishing center charges $.40 per pound of the pre-cleaned fish.

Captain Roger recommends that if you’re scared about getting sea-sick, start taking the seasickness medication the day before around noon and before you go to bed. Don’t take an entire pill, but maybe nibble at it. Also don’t exceed the medication’s label recommendation. Doing this allows you to get a good night’s rest. In the morning you can continue to nibble at it as you feel necessary. If you wait until the morning to take the recommended dosage, you’re likely to sleep or be droisy all day. Some folks also have great success with the little motion sickness patches.